Thankful For My Miscarriage

If you've ever heard someone share publicly on social media about their miscarriage, they usually will include a line like "women don't talk about this enough." I agree - the pain of a miscarriage and the experience of it can be so incredibly shocking and private and sensitive, that a woman would much rather experience … Continue reading Thankful For My Miscarriage

7 months!

Stoney turned 7 months old last Friday! He's 20 pounds with two teeth, loves to run around the house in his walker (looks a lot like bumper cars), he's obsessed with his daddy, still exclusively breastfed (slowly letting him taste some foods), sleeping 9 hours night, taking about 2 naps a day, smiles at everyone … Continue reading 7 months!

Dear Stone,

Our baby boy is 6 months old! Grant and I wanted to remember all the things we love about our sweet boy, Stone. Hope you like it! (video below)

easter (18 weeks)

Stone is 16lbs 4oz He thinks i'm hilarious He laughs at apples He loves to sleep in He is patient and so kind 18 weeks and I'm so thankful


Earlier in that morning we did the whole epic sunrise experience on Haleakala, and since "we were in the area" we added on the Lavender Farm experience and a random off-the-beat trail walking. I'm not sure I recommend either of them -- but let's jump into it! Was the farm beautilly kept and peaceful? YES! … Continue reading MAUI BLOG 003