New JOB?!

effective today jan 24, i’ve accepted the position of full-time stay-at-home mom!

most of you know i’ve worked at my church since i graduated college (9 years ago!!) & it has been one amazing journey. i matured as a woman working in ministry, learning alongside the best leaders & pastors you can dream of!

working in ministry full-time was something only God could orchestrate (in my head, i was gonna be the next Katie Couric!) & i’m so thankful for HIS plan. if you’ve ever talked to me, you know how much i loved my job! i loved the tasks, i loved the people, i loved being a part of all the things! to get to be a part of growing a Biblical community, there’s just nothing else like it.

oh but then there’s MOTHERHOOD. what i didn’t even see coming! becoming a mom has changed my heart & soul & i am blessed to be experiencing it! grant & i are so thankful for the opportunity for me to be home with stone; i pray i never take it for granted.

we love our church & our church family & we thank you so much for the way you’ve taken care of our little family: from our engagement, to our marriage, to our baby boy arriving in the world; thank you. & to all my ministry partners, i will miss you. so much. we are a family & i love you dearly.

i’m a different person bc of my job. God used it to show me a lot of hard lessons about myself, lessons i know have prepared me for motherhood.

i’m SO excited for this new chapter & we would love your prayers as we navigate this new season. humbled to be stone levi’s mama, that’s for sure.

love, the cardwells🖤

I love my Marine!

I love my Marine. I didn’t know him when he enlisted. I didn’t know him when he got deployed. I didn’t know him while he fought for our country. I never wrote him a letter. I never sent him a package. I never worried about him day and night. I never missed him. I didn’t know him when he came home from deployment. I didn’t know him when he applied for his job in Maryland. BUTTT when I did meet him, it was BECAUSE of his service. I’ll be forever grateful to the Marines. God brought Grant to Maryland through his service in the Marines. I’m not a typical Marine wife, but I’m humbled by Grant’s stories, his passion for this country, and his love for the Lord. Happy Birthday Marines. So proud of my Marine! #mymarine #happybirthdaymarines 

through smoke.

i’m actually a huge smell person – super particular.

there are tons of smells i love. & tons of smells i dislike.

one of my absolute favorites is that distinct, stuck-in-your-clothes, drenching your hair, bonfire scent.

it’s, by far, the essence of so many great memories: whether it’s camping, on the beach, in the backyard. there’s a beautiful comfort in the smoky billows. mmmm.


day six.