blizzard jonas

grant & i have spent 54 consecutive hours together (friday @12:30pm to sunday @6pm) & we are still going strong! we have watched plenty of netflix, i've learned a few games (sequence & speed) & crushed grant at both. we've baked cookies, made homemade pizza, homemade pesto, homemade alfredo, boiled rice, boiled pasta, baked potato chips, done hours of homework … Continue reading blizzard jonas

we’re engaged!

i couldn't write this story from scratch even if i wanted to. it's been quite the journey with mr. grant cardwell. i've never had a better year in my life than the one i've spent with grant. he proposed on saturday, august 29, on the beach where we met just one year ago. our day … Continue reading we’re engaged!

coming home.

it's over, y'all. what a GREAT start to 2015 though. seriously. time away has set the pace for the year. will i need another vaca in the fall? YES ABSOLUTELY. but until then . . . i can always look back on florida & smile. rest is so good for the soul. PRESS PLAY 🙂