bird poop

so i noticed this morning my car is victim to much a bird poop. gross i know. but that means that spring is here, y'all. yesterday was the first true warm day in a while and it felt amazing. birds invaded the front yard. we leaf blowed the front yard on sunday, unveiling a yard … Continue reading bird poop


lately, i've been in the winter funk and ain't nobody gonna change that. i've been trying though - really trying to be grateful through this season. it happens every year, so i really shouldn't surprised. my husband? well, he's learning. i keep telling him: "you married me. all of me. even this season of me." … Continue reading lately

run. just do it.

sunday sunday sunday. the day of rest, yes? nah. not this time. this time i was running the nike women's half marathon! whoohoo! my running junk. pretty self-explanatory. i ended up tossing the headband and sunglasses after mile 3. i should have guessed this would happen - i've always been a 'less-is-more' kinda runner, but … Continue reading run. just do it.