"it's okay to not be okay." - exhale by plumb i first heard this song as it blasted through my headphones on one of my "forced" long runs. yes, forced. there was time i would run every day, whenever i had the time. that season has come & possibly gone. with the addition of a … Continue reading exhale.

april goals.

spring, sprang, sprung. after such a L O N G four months of cold, dark, gloom i've never been more ready for chirping, sunny, warm, breezy days. & that's exactly what today brings. i love having goals for all the same reasons that EVERYBODY likes goals. so i won't bore you with all of that. … Continue reading april goals.


sike. we aren't having a drought. no way. it feels like it has rained the past month. it's not truth, but it's what it feels like - - - & sometimes feelings are so strong you start to believe them as truth. luckily, i remember sunny days & i shut up about the rain. day … Continue reading drought.